Any closet around the world remains empty and incomplete, until that knight in a shiny armor comes
riding on a horse & completes it.

Yes you’re right, we’re talking about a designer dress.
Ever since the world population started including Generation Z, the world of fashion has grown
dramatically, not just in terms of professional evolution but the style as well. The fashion and paparazzi
realm is not all about the glitter. Since the last two decades, a lot of successful designers have shown the
true essence of their work, by producing some of the most breath-taking designer outfits.
Some countries have revamped designer dresses, and provided a versatility unparalleled in the world of
fashion. Pakistan is one of these countries, which is producing some of the finest designer dresses ever
encountered. Pakistani designer dresses are an epitome of extravagance, blended with elegance with a
pinch of sensational border works.
But, how can you get a Pakistani “authentic’ designer dress when you’re living out of Pakistan? That’s
where we come in - Haniyas. Leading the United Kingdom market from the front for almost a decade,
Haniyas is a digital titan, allowing fashion-savvy customers to get direct access to almost every Pakistani
authentic designer outfit.
We have been offering FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY to all the UK based customers, and with
minimal charges, we have successfully delivered to countries around the globe./ With over a decade of
experience and almost a decade of practically making you smile, Haniyas brings you authentic Pakistani
designer outfits at your doorstep.
But, why Haniyas? Here’s why!
We’re not ones to beat our own trumpet! But when it comes to stitching, we have to scream out loud that
we are one of the best. Our experienced tailors ensure each & every detail is taken care of, so you receive
the exact same style shown by the brands.
We don’t just claim to have all the latest trends in our arsenal, we ACTUALLY DO. In light of every
single update in the Pakistani fashion industry, our veterans are ready to get that to our customers the very
next day.

Above all, we ensure that our pricing does not exceed the point, to where everyone can afford our dresses.
We try our best to get your favorite Pakistani designer outfits to you, regardless of wherever you are in
the world.
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