Maria B Mbroidered Ready To Wear Eid D1

£179.00 GBP


Schiffli embroidered Chinese chiffon dress with an embroidered organza ghera and sleeves. Comes with jacquard trousers with schiffli trouser lace and an embroidered Chinese chiffon dupatta with an organza pallu lace. Swarovski buttons and a grip undershirt are included.

Design: All dress will come with full sleeves and no drop shoulders/sleeve cutouts or crop tops.

Accessories such as buttons and embellishments are only for illustration purposes and the designer does not provide these in the retail product. As part of our premium stitching service, we include these buttons and embellishments as complimentary items, however we're unable to guarantee an exact match due to availability. Please rest assured that all efforts will be made to ensure the closest possible match.

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